Safari: Day 4

This was the short day of the safari, where we drove into the crater and then left around lunchtime to drive back to Arusha. I think we had bad luck for the first time on our trip because we didn’t see too many animals. However, the views and the landscapes of the crater were beautiful!

At the edge of the crater in the morning – we descended right down into it for our game drive!


Wildebeest everywhere!


Majestic lion – you can really appreciate its camouflage as well!


The views!


Hyenas – they were hanging around by the lions to look for food!


So many flamingo


Skulls of buffalo laying around


Zebra hanging out at our campsite


We drove back to Arusha and then I got a ride back to ADRA, where I relished in wifi and hot water! The safari experience was well worth it – I can see why its on so many bucket lists. These posts/pictures don’t fully describe the feeling of anxiety you get when you see an elephant walking towards your car and you’re fully aware you are completely at the mercy of the giant animal. They also don’t describe the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets over the immensity of the parks or how beautiful it is to visit animals in their natural habitats and see their interactions with each other in its raw state.

I hope every one of you gets to experience a safari for yourself because it’s the only way to really get the full experience!


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