Safari: Day 3

Day 3 started with a sunrise game drive, which meant we got ready and had breakfast before the sun rose. Without electricity, this also meant getting ready in the pitch black darkness which is SO hard to do! It was totally worth it though because today was the best safari experience ever!

Stunning sunrise over the Serengeti.


I wish you could really tell how tall giraffes are through a picture, but this will have to do.


Elephants again!!!


We watched this herd of elephants (20ish) for about an hour because it was so amazing. I can’t post any more videos on here (damn free subscription) but check out this link for my favorite video of the whole trip: It shows the mom and baby elephant crossing the road in front of our car to join the dad elephant, seen below:


Reunited family!


The baby elephant walked under the mom for most of the time, leading us to believe this was a newborn!


You can see how smooth the baby’s skin is compared to the mom!


Giraffe carrying birds! (or birds hitching a ride)


A lion’s kill – it’s a buffalo, we think. You can see the skull and the blood.


The lion was sitting a bit away, obviously full and done with his share of the food. So a golden jackal came up and starting sneaking some food. It was cool to watch because the jackal kept stealing glances at the lion to see if it was okay. It’s hard to see the jackal, but he’s eating to the left of the skull and he has a black stripe running down his body.


The lion laying a bit away, not caring that the jackal is eating its food. It was cool because we drove past this area again at the end of our day and we saw vultures eating the same carcass. Circle of life!


Male lion standing a bit far away near the tree.


Female lion – we saw her hunt a group of gazelle! Right now, she’s just relaxing.


You can see the lion scoping out a group of gazelle.


Another female lion hanging out closeby.


This lion was obviously full because it completely ignored the herd of zebras.


Hippos lounging. In this lake, we also saw a crocodile kill something, but it was too fast and hard to see so I couldn’t take a picture or video to show you.


We left the Serengeti and drove back to the Ngorongoro Crater to camp overnight there. This is the Simba campsite – it’s right on the rim of the crater, so it was a beautiful view! We saw an elephant and a herd of zebras just hanging out on the edge of the campsite. The campsite amenities were severely lacking, however. There was electricity, but the bathrooms and kitchen area were pretty gross. Oh well, it’s all part of the experience!


The eating area.



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