Havilah Orphanage

Three places I wanted to go in Tanzania: a hospital, a school, and an orphanage. I knocked out two in one at the Havilah Orphanage! I’ll let you look at their website, which does a good job describing what they do.

I went Friday morning, when only the smaller kids were there  (everyone else was in school at TAPS or TASS). We had a lot of fun playing outside, making bracelets (they made me one that I know I’ll treasure), and learning English in their school. I took some snacks for them, which they went crazy over! Here are a few pictures:

Yum, they love Go go squeezes as much as I do!

IMG_6997 [88402]

We brought the snacks in during one of their breaks, but the teacher said they had to finish the lesson before they could eat. So, they painstaking used pencil on the plastic (it didn’t work as well as they thought it would) to label their individual snacks and then set them on the desk until later. I joined them in the classroom as they learned English! P.S. those desks are way smaller than you probably remember them being from elementary school.


IMG_7001 [88408]


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