Lunch break

I’ve gotten pretty close to the nurses at the clinic and I think they take it upon themselves to make sure I get the full Tanzanian experience. So Linas, who has worked at the clinic for 26 years and who I work with during the maternal/child health days, invited me back to her house to have corn on the grill. I visited her house one of the first days I was in Tanzania and it was nice of her to invite me again to eat lunch with her.

I’ve seen people eating corn on the cob all over the place. It seems to be a popular street food here, so I figured I had to give it a try. Since it was cooked street food, it also seemed tourist friendly! So I went back to her house during my lunch break and we picked the corn from her rows and rows of corn, she set up the fire, and grilled it. We also ate parachichi, or avocado. Again, this was from her own “backyard” and was delicious (and giant – see previous post to see a picture).

She was quite disappointed when I only ate 1 1/2 pieces (which seemed excessive to me) as she said she can eat 5 ears of corn for breakfast alone. We brought back a few ears of corn for the other nurses and Dr. Koshuma and the first thing Linas said was “she only at 1 ½”. This spurned a lot of laughter among the Tanzanians, while I sat wondering how someone’s teeth could handle eating 5+ ears of corn at one time. Regardless, it made me feel a bit more Tanzanian to go and eat grilled corn and made me realize that being invited into someone’s home is a really great way to experience a new place!

Rows and rows of Linas’ corn (or maize, as she calls it).

If you look carefully at the end of the video, you can see Linas’ son working on the roof with a very unsafe looking ladder below him. 

Linas and her corn! 

Inside the shed you see in the video – another fire with a pot of boiling rice. 


Maureen (who I met before) and her brother, both grandchildren of Linas, enjoying their share. 


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