Lazy (Sun)day!

Today was a much needed rest day. I caught up on some work, cleaned my cottage, watched TV, read a book, and caught up with friends.

Oh, and…

The monkeys came out of nowhere – I hadn’t seen them before, but Leah and Aziza obviously had. There were about 30 of them and they all came together, played together for an hour around here, and then all left together. It was bizarre, but so cool! Also, side note – I was terrified of them, so the video is through the doorway I barely cracked open.

What surprised you today? The monkeys, obviously.

What touched you today? Leah and Aziza thought it was so funny how scared I was of the monkeys. They were teasing me and laughing at me the whole time! Sounds mean, but it was sweet because I think they consider me kind of like a little sister. As an older sibling, it’s a fun experience to be the younger one even if it’s just for a few weeks.

What inspired you today? There is a peacefulness here (internally and externally) that is hard to describe. I spent the whole day by myself, literally only seeing Aziza and Leah for 30 minutes. And yes, I spent some of that watching TV and using the internet, but I never felt bored. I think the same scenario (a whole day by myself with limited internet) would have gotten so boring so fast back home, but something about this place makes me feel okay on my own. As a self reported extrovert who gets 99% of her energy from other people, this is new for me. But apparently, I’m all the energy I need! 


One thought on “Lazy (Sun)day!

  1. Dad and I just sat down and read all of your posts. I’m so proud of you and happy that you’re blogging about it too, can’t wait to read more of them! 🙂


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